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Falls Just Short

July 13, 2009

     Ares finally shows his hand.  Both Themyscira and Talarion are attacked by Euphemus’ sea monsters.  And Wonder Woman, badly injured, washes up on the shores of her homeland.  In the final issue of Rise of the Olympian, there’s a massive battle to decide the fate of the Amazons.  In order to combat the various sea monsters coming towards her, Hippolyta has all the prisoners on the island, including Alkyone and the Circle, released.  She orders Phillipus to keep Wonder Woman from fighting, but as she herself admits, her daughter is very willful.  Wonder Woman realizes just what Genocide was trying to do, and along with her fellow Amazons, she beats back Ares’ forces.  The Amazons then travel to Talarion to save Jason, Achilles, and the Gargareans, and Wonder Woman splits Ares’ head open.  Zeus then reveals his true plans for the Gargareans.  Achilles is to wed Wonder Woman, and the two tribes will be joined.  Then the Gargareans can handle all the troubles of the world.  He killed Kane Milohai just to facilitate this.  In rage, Wonder Woman strikes Zeus and renounces her identity as an Amazonian.  She then leaves the island and everything she knows.  Even though the day is won, she has lost.  And Alkyone reveals that Genocide now belongs to her.

     This last issue managed to tie together all the threads of Rise of the Olympian rather nicely, considering how disparate they were for so long.  However, I stand by my statement that this arc would have been better as two separate arcs, one for Genocide and one for the actual rise of Achilles.  By stuffing everything into eight issues, Gail Simone made everything seem far too rushed and too compact.  That’s its main downfall, and it makes it fall just short of being one of the greatest arcs on Wonder Woman history.  However, it does do a very good job of setting up a new status quo for Wonder Woman.  I’m curious as to where Simone will take her next.  Aaron Lopresti’s work here is as good as it has been in ever other issue he’s worked on, and he’s definitely proven himself to be a superb artist for this series.  He also did quite well with all the sea monsters, proving that he isn’t just limited in skill to draw tough, beautiful women.  Next, we get a nice, relaxing two-parter with Black Canary, so Gail Simone can show off her skill with another female great in the DC Universe.  It’ll be a nice break from this crazy arc.

Plot: 9.0      Art: 9.3      Dialogue: 9.0      Overall: 9.0

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