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On Trial

July 8, 2009

     In some farce of justice, Pluto has decided to try Zeus an Athenian-style court of law in the pages of Incredible Hercules.  And all Hercules does is make Pluto and his cohorts’ arguments for them.  Pluto also grants Amadeus Cho the chance to go see his family, and Aegis escorts him there.  On the way, they bump into Uncle Ben, who has apparently becomes friends with them in the afterlife.  Pluto calls Cronus and Typhon as witness, and they both give rather damning testimony.  In the end, Zeus yells at everyone, saying that if they get rid of him, they won’t have God to blame anymore.  He also claims that having Hercules was a mistake and that Hercules is an idiot.  Even so, Hercules insists on getting his chance to testify (despite the fact that, thus far, nothing he has said has helped), and Pluto calls forth his baliff: the shade of Hercules from when Hercules’ mortal self died.

     Although this arc is still as good as everything else this series has seen, it has been far more disjointed, so I feel like it’s rambling.  I miss the more carefully constructed elegance of the first two arcs.  Even still, Greg Pak and Fred van Lente have singlehandedly brought depth and life to Hercules and the Greek gods in a way that no other Marvel writer has ever done.  It’s quite nice to see a character who has so long been a part of the Marvel Universe finally get his dues.  It’s also interesting to see how they build off previous storylines, including the Ares miniseries.  Ryan Stegman’s art has improved vastly since he started on this series, and now, he earns his place among the many artists who have only gotten a brief chance to work on this title but deserved to stay longer.  Rodney Buchemi’s brief work in this issue was even better, and he would also be a good longtime artist.  But alas, this series will likely never see that.  At any rate, this arc ends next issue with a possible split between its main characters.  I wonder what will bring that on…

Plot: 8.6      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 8.6

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