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Another Person Sired

June 27, 2009

     Based on the concept of the previous miniseries, Tales of the Vampires, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight: Tales of the Vampires is actually only one tale.  A young man living in Massachusetts is bored with his life and desires something more.  He tries to get a rush from being fed upon by vampires, but that still is not enough.  One day, he refuses to be fed upon, and the vampires beat him extremely badly.  A female vampire, whom he met before, sires him in order to save his life.  Although he is initially happy with his new situation and gets revenge on the vampires who hurt him, life is still somewhat boring.  Eventually, his only friend, who turns out to be a Slayer, kills the vampire who sired him.  In anger, he decides to sire her so that they may be together.

     This issue was rather interesting, even though it was only tangentially related to the Buffy universe.  Rather, what it did show was how the world now was, with vampires out in the open thanks to Harmony’s reality TV show.  Vampires can go wherever, and so long as they harm no one and only feed upon those who consent to it in secrecy, they are not ostracized.  It’s a slightly different version of the way things are in the world of True Blood.  The juxtaposition of the two women in the boy’s life is also interesting, with one being a Slayer and the other a vampire.  I’d like to see Becky Cloonan do a bit more Buffy stuff, since she showed a fair understanding of the world. Vasilis Lolos was the perfect artist for this, as he captured the darkness of the subject matter while still keeping it grounded by reflecting the age of the characters.  In essence, it was an amusing story, if inconsequential.

Plot: 8.0      Art: 8.0      Dialogue: 8.0      Overall: 8.0

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