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Humanizing the Ultra-Humanite

June 26, 2009


     It’s the second issue of Power Girl, and things are looking grim for both her and her solo series.  Power Girl is captured by Ultra-Humanite, who wants to implant his brain into her body.  As she said herself, serious body issues.  He’s keeping the entire city of Manhattan hostage just to get her to acquiesce to the transfer.  Meanwhile, Power Girl’s company people hide in the new Starrware building, hoping that the crazy, psychically-infected masses won’t come in and eat them.  Ultra-Humanite manages to subdue Power Girl, with some difficulty, and he forces the story of his origin into her brain.  He was a super-genius born with with some sort of degenerative disease, and he spent his time trying to stave it off and cure it.  However, when his experiments were deemed unethical, he and his love, Satanna, traveled to the Congo, where they secured his familiar albion ape body.  Then, back in the present day, Ultra-Humanite begins to pentrate Power Girl’s skull…

     Once again, I feel like Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are trying too hard.  They’re trying to get us to really like Power Girl’s new supporting cast, even though we really don’t know any of them and haven’t been given any incentive to be emotionally invested in them.  They’re also trying to get us to feel sorry for the Ultra-Humanite, but all it really does is further confuse his history, which already involves multiple body transfers, including the one into the body of Delores Winters.  Power Girl’s banter is cute, and I especially like the way that Amanda Connor draws her eyes on this one page where she goes from being shocked to angry to rolling her eyes.  However, I have yet to feel like I should care about this at all.  I mean, there’s nothing here that isn’t solidly written.  It’s just not particularly interesting.  It all feels kind of fake, even though it wants you to like it.  Perhaps Power Girl was just not meant to have her own series…

Plot: 5.2      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 5.4      Overall: 5.6

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