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Xavier's Last Duty

June 23, 2009

     Over the past year or so, in the pages of X-Men: Legacy, Professor X has revisited various important parts of his past, including his involvement Wolverine, Rogue, and the Acolytes.  In this issue, he sets out to complete his mission by eliminating the Acolytes.  Now, I only started reading this series full-time with the Rogue arc, so I don’t know everything else that Mike Carey has done.  But from what I’ve heard and read, this flows rather logically from what’s been happening.  Using post-hypnotic suggestions, Xavier gets past the various obstacles in the Acolytes base.  He also meets Amelia Voght again and refuses to harm her, considering what he’s already done to her.  Then, he and Exodus have a long chat about the Acolytes and the current state of affairs with mutants.  In the end, he convinces Exodus of the importance of solidarity, and the Acolytes are dismantled.  And along comes Norman Osborn…

     Mike Carey does a great job here both wrapping up Xavier’s little legacy tour and bringing him into position to join the Dark X-Men, as we know he’ll be doing soon during the upcoming Utopia crossover.  This issue is just more of what Carey does best: drawing upon continuity to tell a story now.  The new direction that X-Men: Legacy is taking after this is a Rogue-centric one, which I can’t possibly complain about.  But Carey himself has said that it will be less continuity-centric.  That makes me sad, since that’s one of his strongest suits.  And his last arc with Rogue was not as great as it should have been.  So I just hope that he’s got some better ideas than utilizing Danger any more than she already has been.  Phil Briones is like a lesser version of Scot Eaton, so the art is overall worse than usual.  However, Briones is still quite an excellent artist, so it’s no big deal.  He’s only weak in comparison to Eaton.  I’m wary about where X-Men: Legacy is going, but then again, I’m wary about the whole X-Men franchise nowadays.  The post-Messiah Complex stuff has been nowhere near as satisfying as it should have been.  This was one of the few bastions of quality left, and that may be going too.  Let’s just hope that Utopia fixes the franchise, and that Carey still knows what he’s doing.

Plot: 8.7      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 8.7

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