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Damage Control

June 23, 2009

     So, the Dark Avengers, by this point, have completed many different missions, the most prominent of which, as featured in their own comic, was defeating Morgan le Fay and rescuing Dr. Doom.  However, while they were away, Ronin made his damning accusation on public television.  And it’s time for Norman Osborn to get out there and try and fix things.  In this issue, Brian Michael Bendis channels some Warren Ellis in the way that Osborn handles this issue.  He gets intensely political, discussing the current love/climate of “change,” as well as getting into religion.  Osborn even looks back into Avengers history, specifically at Ronin while he was still Hawkeye, to explain the current situation.  Meanwhile, the Sentry continues to freak everyone out, for good reason.  Bullseye chafes at the rest of the team, and Ares discovers that his son, Phobos, is skipping school (Secret Warriors).  Plus, Ms. Marvel, or Moonstone, seduces Captain Marvel, and Atlanteans, possibly led by Attuma, attack Los Angeles.

    This issue had very few plot points and was more about examining the characters of the Dark Avengers, especially Osborn, and he did that very well. Bendis is also running damage control at the moment, specifically in terms of the genericization of three of the former Thunderbolts members.  In this issue, he’s definitely working on making Bullseye more blatantly crazy, Venom a bit more of a weenie (remember his symbiote problems in Thunderbolts), and Moonstone more manipulative.  I especially like Moonstone’s reaction to Osborn on TV.    Also, Bendis continues to do great with both Sentry and Ares, characters he already understood quite well.  I love Ares’ little speech about being an Avenger.  The only character who gets basically no face time is Daken, the new Wolverine.  I’m not really sure why he’s there, especially since he’ll be joining the Dark X-Men soon.  But whatever.  Mike Deodato Jr.’s pencils are, as usual, some of the best in all of comic bookdom.  I’m kind of nervous about Matt Fraction taking over these characters for the upcoming Utopia crossover, since he’s not doing so well with Uncanny X-Men.  But hey, we still have one more issue with Bendis.  Listen to me.  Praising Bendis over Fraction.  Something is seriously wrong with the world.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 9.5      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 9.0

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