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Super Genius Catfight

June 22, 2009

     So, the Mighty Avengers are formed.  For the second time.  And their first real outing as a team?  To go settle what is essentially an extension of an old grudge between Hank Pym and Mr. Fantastic.  It sounds dumb, but it’s actually really funny.  Dan Slott basically takes the whole idea that nobody likes Pym, with the Secret Invasion thing just being the last nail in his coffin.  He asks Reed to get back a device that he and Bill Foster invented, but Reed thinks that his emotional state is too unstable and refuses.  Then, they trade super genius insults, and Hank declares that, “It’s on, bitch.”  Then, utilizing masking technology and holo-emitters, as well as the aid of his team, Hank manages to sneak into the Baxter Building and get the device back, thogh not without difficulty.  Meanwhile, Quicksilver and U.S. Agent deal with their first mission with G.R.A.M.P.A., which, if the cover of the next issue is any indication, will not end so well.

     Dan Slott is great with dialogue about 95% of the time.  But every so often, it gets odd.  Like Jocasta’s profession of love and amazement to Pym.  And the odd “modernization” of Amadeus Cho.  He seems so much more poppy with his speech.  On the other hand, Slott is really good with both Quicksilver and Hercules.  I love how much of an asshole Slott’s Quicksilver is.  Overall, the team dynamic is quite interesting.  Even though I can’t say that I’m excited to have U.S. Agent or two junior Avengers (Young Avengers, to be clearer) on the team.  But I like what Slott is doing.  This plot is semi-inconsequential, but he manages to have fun with it.  He also actually makes Red Hulk, or Rulk, not stupid.  Even though, technically, it’s really Hercules.  But whatever.  And he also is surprisingly good with the Fantastic Four.  Stephen Segovia’s work is an interesting amalgamation of the styles of Leinil Francis Yu and Stefano Caselli, with a smidge of Mike Deodato Jr.  All in a good way, though.  He’s no Khoi Pham, but he’s a good stand-in artist.  But then things deteriorate in the second issue with Paco Diaz and Harvey Tolibao.  Harvey’s work often just looks weird.  Overall, this was a nice interlude before the second major arc of Slott’s run on Mighty Avengers.  He’s figured out the characters, so now, he can really do something exciting with them.

Plot: 8.7      Art: 8.6      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 8.7

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