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The Cat, the Bat, and the Bane

June 10, 2009

     Since they’re back in Gotham City, the Secret Six have gotten caught up in the frenzy that is the world without Batman, a.k.a. Batman: Battle for the Cowl.  And Gail Simone decides to take this situation and use it to her advantage.  Both Catman and Bane, to a certain degree, believe themselves worthy to take on the mantle of Batman.  Bane ends up dragging Catman and Ragdoll along on a mission to rescue the children of various powerful Gotham City capitalists from kidnappers, and Ragdoll decides to come along in the garb of Robin, the Boy Wonder (or as he calls him, the He/She Wonder).  They ultimately rescue the children, killing all the terrorists along the way, but Nightwing comes in and stops them before they kill the last ones.  Catman complains about the sanctimony of superheroes, and Ragdoll states that he thinks that both Bane and Catman would make good Batmen.

     Now here’s the Secret Six I know and love!  This whole issue is chalk full of great and silly dialogue, like Bane’s line where he thinks that he broke one of the children.  I also love it when Ragdoll finally realizes how he makes everything he says sound really nasty.  It’s both funny and pretty true.  There’s also all the references to Bane breaking Batman’s back, which is totally appropriate.  I love that Gail is taking this famous story and using it as one of the defining moments in Bane’s life.  And he’s so famous for it that one of the terrorists even begs him not to snap his spine.  Priceless!  I’m also glad to see the superb Nicola Scott back on pencils.  Nobody’s more perfect an artist for the Secret Six.  Now, the next big arc promises to have some crazy stuff going on.  I like filler stuff in-between arcs, but this issue was definitely better than the last one.  Glad to see Gail back at her best.

Plot: 9.4      Art: 9.4      Dialogue: 9.4      Overall: 9.4

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