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Double Date

May 15, 2009

     I think it’s safe to say that the newest issue of Secret Six is the weakest one thus far.  At some indeterminate time after the events of the whirlwind beginning arc, the Six are relaxing, for reasons which are not at all explained.  We’re reintroduced to Liana Kerzner, the lesbian stripper that the Six hired to try and make Scandal Savage feel better after Knockout was killed.  We also get to see a really funny guy named Insignificus who works for Jeannette, though we have know idea in why or in what capacity.  Ultimately, she and Scandal double date along with Deadshot and Jeannette, beginning at a superhero-themed costume club.  Some Neo-Nazi guy from earlier in the series comes and tries to kill them, but fails miserably multiple times.  Scandal decides to start some kind of relationship with Liana, and Ragdoll gets his own segment after he is locked in the Six’s car trunk for a few days.

     This issue surprised me, because it was nowhere near as good as the past ones.  For one, there’s no setup as to what’s going on, who Insignificus actually is, or anything else.  The Six are oddly forgiving of Deadshot, and I have no idea what happened to Bane.  The dialogue is funny at some times but bizarre at others, especially during the awkward morality dialogue.  Then there’s Carlos Rodriguez.  His art is a bad combination of that of Nicola Scott and Eddy Barrows.  At times, a person’s face looks like it’s just melting into itself.  The Ragdoll segment is just odd, and not in the funny way that he normally acts.  Amanda Gould’s art is just disturbing, and likewise not in a good way.  I’m sure part of this is because Gail Simone is in the middle of two big arcs, and this was meant to provide a bridge.  While it was amusing at parts, this was not the kind of bridge I was hoping for.  Since I know that Gail Simone will do better later, I’ll just think of this issue as the result of a few bad days or something.

Plot: 7.8      Art: 7.2      Dialogue: 8.2      Overall: 7.8

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