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Twice the Grandstanding!

May 14, 2009

     Okay, so technically the newest issue of Booster Gold involves no grandstanding.  But it’s not like Booster’s never grandstanded before!  At any rate, this issue is the epilogue to the previous arc, and the biggest thing that seems to have come out of it isn’t the return of Rex Hunter, but rather Goldstar realizing the truth of what happened to her and what has happened to her brother since she was supposedly killed.  She leaves Skeets in a rather crappy situation and jumps off into the timestream in her hysteria.  Meanwhile, Booster Past and Booster Present try to finish solving all the timeline problems, and Booster Present manages to make it in time to save Rip Hunter from the aliens that originally kidnapped Starfire.

     Now, all this timeline fiddling is a bit of a problem.  Now, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter have inserted themselves into the origins of both Starfire and Barry Allen, the most famous of the Flashes.  That’s a problem that is probably inherent in this kind of story.  I do wish that aspect would be toned down, however, and more clever time problems would be created.  Nonetheless, this is a good ending to a fun storyline.  Booster Gold is far more interesting of a character than I ever thought he could be, and Dan Jurgens gets him extremely well.  The whole dialogue between the two Boosters was quite fun to read.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming storyline that features the mysterious Black Beetle.  Speaking of beetles, in two issues, we’ll also get a Blue Beetle co-feature.  Excellent!

Plot: 8.4      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 8.5     Overall: 8.5

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