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It Only Comes Once A Year!

May 14, 2009

     No, not Christmas!  Well, yes, that comes once a year too.  But I’m talking about Free Comic Book Day!  And this year, Marvel Comics released an Avengers comic, featuring both the New Avengers and the Dark Avengers, and written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Jimmy Cheung.  The plot is really simple.  Ymir, the frost giant, has come to Earth, and it’s making New York really cold.  Spider-Man calls the New Avengers after he finds Thor completely trashed, and the Dark Avengers show up a short while later.  They’re teleported to another dimension, and Ares figures out that they need the Twilight Sword in order to stop him.  And there you have it!

     I like simple stories like this one.  Technically, it did involve some sort of apocalypse, but all it really did was illustrate the effect that Dark Reign has had on the Marvel Universe through these two teams.  Plus, it gave Ares another chance to be bad-ass.  So no complaints here.  I do find Bendis’ partial use of continuity a bit annoying, though.  I like the reference to the old Ymir and Surtur story from back in the old Avengers days.  However, both Ms. Marvel and Ronin would know what the Twilight Sword is.  Morgan le Fay used it, the Norn Stones, and the Scarlet Witch to alter reality in the first Avengers arc after Heroes Reborn.  You’d think he’d like a chance to reference actual support for his retcon of the Scarlet Witch’s powers.  Even with this little mess-up, this is an enjoyable issue.  Jimmy Cheung’s pencils are as good as usual, considering the fact that he’s one of Marvel’s top artists.  I’m not sure why the comic is physically smaller, but whatever floats Marvel’s boat.

Plot: 8.5      Art: 9.2      Dialogue: 8.4      Overall: 8.6

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