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Her Greatest Battle Yet

May 13, 2009

     Rise of the Olympian has been an odd story thus far, but it seems that the latest Wonder Woman arc is finally coming into focus.  The true antagonist of the whole arc is finally revealed to be Ares, who was behind the creation of Genocide and the manipulation of Zeus into creating the Gargareans.  He is also now courting Alkyone, former leader of Hippolyta’s personal guard and current Wonder Woman antagonist.  It’s all pretty nuts.  Etta Candy is in pretty bad shape, and Nemesis forgets to tie up the back of his hospital gown.  Then, we finally get a fight between Wonder Woman and Achilles, which is pretty cool.  Achilles is a dangerous opponent, every bit as good as she is.

     To be honest, this should have been split up into two arcs.  Or maybe the plot points should have been scattered across a series of arcs eventually leading to the actual Rise of the Olympian.  Fighting Genocide and Achilles in one arc is going to be really hard for Wonder Woman.  The latter is also substatinally more interesting than the former, whose origin is finally revealed in this issue.  But the whole Ares manipulation thing is really cool, and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.  Bernard Chang takes over on art for this issue, and he’s another great artist for this series.  I particularly like his depiction of Achilles.  Gail Simone has had some great ideas for Wonder Woman, but they’ve suffered from poor pacing more than anything else.  Otherwise, she might be one of the best writers this book has ever seen.

Plot: 9.3      Art: 9.2      Dialogue: 9.3      Overall: 9.3

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