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Last-Minute Fumble

May 12, 2009

     So far, Dark Avengers has been a logical extension of the Thunderbolts idea as a result of the Secret Invasion and Dark Reign storylines.  The first arc’s villain, Morgan le Fay, also makes perfect sense as relating to the Cabal and the events of Mighty Avengers.  However, in this issue, some problems arise.  The Iron Patriot, A.K.A. Norman Osborn, and Dr. Doom go back into the past to finally deal with le Fay.  Meanwhile, the Dark Avengers fight off le Fay’s horde of demons.  Ultimately, the Dark Avengers are victorious and head back to their tower, leaving behind a somewhat ungrateful Dr. Doom.  As they arrive back home, the Sentry appears, in perfect condition.  They can only wonder what will happen once he finally completely snaps.

     Brian Michael Bendis has some problems with characterization.  He’s got Ares and the Sentry down pat, since he’s worked with them before.  He’s given a nice new twist on Norman Osborn that, while not perfect, is still a work in progress.  However, the other characters seem to have lost a lot of their uniqueness.  Particularly the other three former Thunderbolts members: Moonstone (Ms. Marvel), Venom (Spider-Man), and Bullseye (Hawkeye).  All the little quirks that Warren Ellis showed have mostly been lost, and they’re all kind of generically crazy.  As for Daken and Noh-Varr, thus far, Bendis has spent so little time on them that I’m not even sure why they’re there.  The other problem is the fact that Morgan le Fay is one of the top ten sorcerors in the Marvel Universe, on par with Dr. Doom.  There’s no way she’d get beaten so easily by both Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel.  The Sentry, yes.  But not them.  Now, Mike Deodato Jr. still draws extremely well, so the art is quite pretty.  But Bendis is going to have to get in these characters’ heads a bit better for the remainder of the series.  His somewhat weak grasp on them was okay for the first arc, but it’ll have to get better if he wants to emulate the quality of the beginning of this arc.

Plot: 8.4      Art: 9.5      Dialogue: 7.5      Overall: 8.2

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