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A Hint of Betrayal

May 12, 2009

     Is this arc still going?  Yes, Rogue’s arc in X-Men: Legacy isn’t over yet.  And I have no idea why.  Mike Carey clearly didn’t have enough material to actually last five issues, so he added pointless stuff like the Shi’ar pirates and introspective, nonsensical babble to fill up space.  In this issue, Professor Xavier backsteps on the whole Danger issue, claiming that he was simply trying to understand the first of a new species.  This is taking an already bad plotline and further confusing it, like Mike Carey wants to redeem him or something.  Meanwhile, Rogue takes more trips down memory lane with Ms. Marvel and Magneto, and at the end of the issue, she’s glowing for some reason.  Which technically, we never even see.  We just see people staring at her, a dialogue bubble from off-panel, and some light.

     Meh.  That’s all I can say.  I have no idea what point about Rogue Mike Carey is even trying to convey with this arc.  From what I can tell, it’s going to end with her in control of some new form of her powers, which is potentially interesting.  But I really wish that this could have been done in less issues in a better way.  Coupling Danger and Rogue was a big mistake, since the former is an inherently bad idea, and the latter is one of the best characters the X-Men have ever seen.  And may I say that I don’t care about freaking Happy Pills at all.  Scot Eaton’s art is still superb, but like with many comics, it’s much better than what it is actually depicting.  I hope that, when Rogue returns to the fold, she’s allowed to be interesting again.  And I also hope that Gambit does more than make mostly idle threats with a scattered moment of coolness here and there.

Plot: 7.8      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 7.3      Overall: 7.8

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