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Worst of Times

April 14, 2009


     Unlike the majority of DC’s comics, Justice League of America will actually see some fallout from Final Crisis.  And it’s pretty big.  With the death of Batman, both Superman and Wonder Woman leave to work out their own problems.  Red Tornado left the team a while ago, Hawkgirl is in the hospital, Red Arrow doesn’t want to deal with Hawkgirl once she comes back, Black Lightning is rejoining the Outsiders, and the Flash is too busy with his family and Keystone City.  Plus, Hal Jordan leaves the team to go make his own separate Justice League with Green Arrow, a team that will be shown in an upcoming miniseries by James Robinson.  So the current team is Black Canary, John Stewart, Vixen, Dr. Light, Zatanna, and Firestorm as a junior member.  You know that when people who were actually a part of Justice League Detroit make derogatory references to your time, you’re in trouble.

     Based on the Origins and Omens segment, it seems that Icon will be joining the team in the near future.  If Dwayne McDuffie can really differentiate him from Superman, he’ll be a great addition.  But to be honest, I’m kind of tired of the way that everyone seems to not take Black Canary seriously as a leader.  It’s extremely sexist, since this wouldn’t have happened if Martian Manhunter or some other male character were the leader.  In addition, it just shows a lack of respect for her as a character, which is odd, considering her long history as a superhero and as a member of the JLA.  Now, Starbreaker and the Shadow Cabinet will be coming back after this issue, which will be fine, so long as the story is more like the first part of this arc.  When left to his own devices, Dwayne McDuffie does great work with these characters.  But when editorial mandate steps in, he doesn’t do so well.  We’ve had the Black Canary/Green Arrow Wedding, Salvation Run, and Final Crisis all shoehorned into the series.  Now, McDuffie will have the chance to create his own league.  Let’s hope it’s as good as Justice League Unlimited.  By the way, I used to hate Shane Davis’ art because it was close to being like other top artists’ work, yet not quite.  Not anymore.  He does some great work here.  Too bad he won’t be staying.

Plot: 6.7      Art: 9.2      Dialogue: 8.5      Overall: 7.4

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