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The Wrath of a Warrior Woman

April 14, 2009

     Genocide has Etta Candy.  And Wonder Woman is pissed.  In this issue, Wonder Woman gets down and dirty in order to save her closest friend.  First, she threatens to cut off Cheetah’s tail if she doesn’t tell her where Genocide is.  Pretty hardcore.  Then, she chases after the Secret Society of Supervillains (is this pre-Final Crisis or post?) and trashes their headquarters until it’s just rubble.  Seriously.  She throws the whole building into the river.  Meanwhile, Achilles, the “Wonder Man” of the Gargareans, is made flesh, and the Amazons return to Hippolyta at long last.  We also get to see the hint of the return of some plot from the old, Golden Age days of Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor’s romantic interest in her.  Not sure how that’s going to play out.

     At any rate, the stakes are high in this issue.  And the ending is quite ambiguous in terms of Etta’s fate.  All we really know is that Wonder Woman is pissed, and she’s going to kill Genocide if it’s the last thing she does.  I love seeing Genocide with her Lasso of Truth, largely because, as a villain, she’s not that interesting without it.  Rather, it gives her this certain knowledge of the truth around her, so she becomes a more psychological villain.  I love the portrayal of Cheetah in this issue most of all, particularly her comment about playing with her food.  But I must say that the two disparate plotlines of the Gargareans and Genocide need to merge next issue.  Really, thus far, this story has not at all been about the Rise of the Olympian.  That’s just a sub-plot.  So while it’s been fun to read, Gail Simone really needs to prove that this story is about what she claims it to be about.  Aaron Lopresti maintains his rather constant and dependable level of quality, though I would rather see a higher profile artist on this book.

Plot: 9.2      Art: 9.1      Dialogue: 9.2      Overall: 9.2

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