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Inadequate Explanation

April 14, 2009

     Black Adam’s power corrupted Isis?  That’s kind of silly, isn’t it?  You would think that the final fate of Black Adam and Isis in Justice Society of America would be this grand, amazing story.  Unfortunately, Geoff Johns dropped the ball big time here.  He’s only done that once before, with the Titans East arc in Teen Titans.  Mary Marvel corrupts Billy Batson, and we get this massive brawl between the new Black Marvel Family and the JSA.  Meanwhile, the Flash has to go free the wizard Shazam in order to stop the whole ordeal.  The most bizarre thing is Shazam himself.  His actions are totally out of character and extremely cruel.  You can’t help but feel bad for Black Adam and Isis when he has his way.

     Black Adam has had a long, epic storyline that began with his inclusion in the JSA back in the day, continued with 52, and then with Final Crisis.  But this had better not be the end of his story.  He deserves a lot better, even considering all the terrible things that he’s done.  And the idea of Mary Marvel and Billy Batson powerless is pretty silly.  I’m not looking forward to what is in story for the Marvel Family as a result of this story.  I am pleased to see that the JSA will be keeping its expanded membership, and I’m glad that Atom Smasher is finally returning to the team.  But it seems that Thy Kingdom Come gave Johns a creative burnout.  And Jerry Ordway’s pencils don’t look “classic” anymore.   They just look somewhat amateurish.  What was once the greatest team book in DC’s arsenal is now a shadow of its former self, even under its greatest writer.  My best guess, though, is that this will be remembered as just a bad footnote in years of quality.

Plot: 7.4      Art: 7.2      Dialogue: 7.9      Overall: 7.5

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