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Here Comes the Retcon

April 12, 2009

     Ever since Mockingbird came back from the dead (or rather, was shown to have never died), we all knew that, at some point, there would be a retcon explaining how she never died and when she was replaced by a Skrull.  In the newest issue of New Avengers: The Reunion, we get just that.  After beating each other up fora  while, Mockingbird and Ronin fly to Spain in order to deal with A.I.M., led by Monica Rappaccini, and their dangerous bomb.  We also find out that Mockingbird was replaced shortly after she and Clint had a fight, a rather well-documented fight back from the days of the West Coast Avengers.  The shocker is what the actual decision she made as a result of the fight was.  And Clint gets to hear that decision.  More than the whole A.I.M. plot, this will decide the future of the miniseries and them as a couple.

      As I said before, the A.I.M. thing is completely secondary to the main point of the miniseries: a character study of these two characters and their relationship.  As has been proven already, Mockingbird’s captivity greatly changed her personality.  Clint has, for the most part, managed to stay the same, despite being killed and brought back to life.  But it’s this clash that really damages their relationship.  Mockingbird doesn’t know anything that’s happened on Earth in the past few years, and that includes technological advances, popular culture, political developments, etc.  She lost a few years of her life, and that’s a highly traumatic thing.  But if she had Clint to rely on, she might be able to recover.  Yet she herself is rejecting Clint from a combination of her decision and the trauma she suffered.  She thinks she’s doing good, but she’s actually hurting herself even more.  And I love the nuance that Jim McCann manages to inject into these interactions.  It’s something that’s missing in a lot of comic books today.  David López got rid of the bumpy chins problem, so his art is even better looking than before.  If you ever liked either of these characters or the two of them together, then you should be reading this.  Even though I’m not a fan of retcons, there’s just so much to enjoy here.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 8.7      Overall: 8.7

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