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A Forced Retreat

April 12, 2009

     The end of X-Men: Kingbreaker heralds the end of the road to War of Kings, and on this side, it was far less than interesting.  The fact is that the entire miniseries was pointless.  Why?  All that really happened was that Deathbird and Raza Longknife were taken out of the picture, and Vulcan got even madder.  All the new characters introduced haven’t even shown up at all in the first two issues of War of Kings.  Essentially the entirety of the issue is a big fight between Vulcan’s forces and the Starjammers.  Havok manages to absorb the entirety of the energy of one of Vulcan’s goons, and basically trashes Vulcan so badly that he should be dead.  But Chris Yost goes out of his way to create a plot point that allows Vulcan to live to fight another day.  It’s pretty poor writing there.

     Really, the only interesting point is that Marvel Girl and Korvus suddenly lose their Phoenix Force powers.  Why?  I’m not sure.  My guess is that it has to do something with Hope Summers, the mysterious mutant girl from Messiah Complex and Cable.  Most people believe that the X-Lady who is going to come back in Uncanny X-Men will be Phoenix, but I think it will be Psylocke, since she’s supposed to rejoin the X-Men soon, and she’s mentioned in the preview of the next issue of Uncanny X-Men.  So what’s going on here?  I’m not sure.  But this whole miniseries could have been ignored, and it wouldn’t have mattered, aside from the Starjammers’ escape.  And that could have been portrayed in War of Kings proper.  So this was a waste of time.  And Dustin Weaver’s art wasn’t even that good.

Plot: 6.7      Art: 6.5      Dialogue: 7.0      Overall: 6.7

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