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A Nice Little Twist

April 9, 2009

     Well, as I had hoped, the last issue of the inaugural arc of Dan Slott’s run on Mighty Avengers is way better than the previous issues.  We begin with Iron Man totally taking charge since, as he says to the new Wasp, “You’re.  Hank.  Pym.”  He’s someone who’s had more identity crises and mental breakdowns that most of the other characters in the Marvel Universe COMBINED.  I don’t even want to try to list them.  At any rate, Iron Man goes off to do his own thing, and we find out that what he wants to do will actually destroy Wundagore and kill everyone around it.  Great.  So Pym, Stature, Vision, Bova, Amadeus Cho, Jarvis, and Jocasta, along with the rather unwilling help of the Hulk, have to defeat Chthon before Iron Man does something stupid.

     The Avengers are about being a family.  This group is anything but a family.  Yet, because of its classic origins, it works extremely well.  By the end of the issue, the Hulk and Iron Man leave the team (not like they ever joined), and in the twist of the arc, the Scarlet Witch is revealed as… Loki!  Pretty awesome.  She gets a great line that calls back to the original founding of the Avengers too.  I love it.  Sure, I wish that Wanda was actually back.  But this is cool.  A future cover for the series shows the team to be Wasp, Stature, Vision, Scarlet Witch (not sure if it’s really her), Quicksilver, Hercules, and U.S. Agent.  That sounds like a good team to me.  Slott is really getting a grasp on these characters.  Khoi Pham’s art also continues to improve this issue.  This is a rising series, much like the other series in the Avengers franchise.  It’s the best time for Avengers comics in a long time.  And remember, Dancing Fish Wood, Mother.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 9.2      Dialogue: 9.0      Overall: 9.0

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