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It's Dead!

April 8, 2009

     Huzzah!  The last issue of the craptacular series, Young X-Men, has been released!  It’s over!  And it couldn’t come sooner.  Through a variety of means, Marc Guggenheim managed to end the series even worse than it began.  Kind of like he just gave up at the end.  So, Donald Pierce, instead of revealing some master plan and going out with a bang, is unceremoniously pounded into the ground by Rockslide and subsequently forgotten.  Dust comes back, as we all knew would happen, and the price of Ink’s mind.  Oh no!  Poor Ink!  I know I am not alone when I say, who gives a f***?  Then, we’ve got that absolutely terrible alternate timeline crap.  Dust is evil?  Why?  You’re ending the series without explaning this?  That means it might be in other series!  That’s so dump!  I hate alternate timelines.  And we end with a cameo by the Neo.  The Neo?!  Those lame villains from the early 2000s?  Again, why?

     I could go on and on forever about how bad this comic is.  When Beast explains Ink’s power as not being the Phoenix, you can just hear the “Oops, pissed off the fans.  Let me fix that.” thought process in motion.  Even Ink acknowledges his own crappiness.  Rafa Sandoval’s art is still really nice, but it’s the only saving grace in this series.  And Daniel Acuña?  He can’t even draw a complete nose for Greymalkin and Dust on multiple pages.  And Emma’s glittery face looks so amorphous on one panel that it’s kind of gross.  I am so glad that this series is finally over, so great characters like Rockslide, Anole, Dust, Sunspot, and Moonstar can stop being destroyed.  As for Cipher, Ink, and Greymalkin?  I hope they got forgotten really fast, so we can just pretend like this series never happened.

Plot: 4.0      Art: 8.0      Dialogue: 5.7      Art: 5.0

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