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She’s Not Back Yet

April 7, 2009

     So, X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks does not bring Psylocke back into the X-Men.  It does bring her back into the main reality, Earth-616, and she does get to see her brother, Captain Britain, again.  But she’s there strictly on business.  After the end of the absolutely atrocious New Exiles series, Psylocke’s archnemesis, the alternate version of Slaymaster, was still alive.  And now, he’s gone to Earth-616.  Psylocke naturally follows, and you’ve got yourself the plot.  Really, this issue is about Psylocke finally beating this man, the one whose main universe version took her eyes.  If you’re expecting more than that, you shouldn’t be.

     I’m not shy in my criticisms of Chris Claremont.  The man never modernized his writing style.  Even Stan Lee does better than he does.  All his dialogue is filled with discussions of who is better than who and obnoxious over-explanations of how powers work.  Don’t forget his favorite line, “You’re good.  But I’m better.”  And yet, this issue is a bit better than his usual fare, at least in terms of dialogue.  Since Psylocke is his own creation, he handles her decently.  Scott Clark also draws a stunning looking Psylocke, if I may say so.  I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten more work with that high of quality.  At any rate, I’m not sure where this leaves us.  Psylocke is still a member of the Exiles by the end of this issue.  In the upcoming Uncanny X-Men arc, one of the greatest X-Ladies ever is set to return.  Everyone thinks it’s Phoenix.  I think it’s Psylocke.  This story is decent, but it’s probably not worth being its own one-shot.

Plot: 6.5      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 6.0      Overall: 6.3

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