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Who Can Replace Dr. Strange?

April 6, 2009

Ever since Dr. Strange’s meltdown over a year ago, everyone’s been wondering what would happen to him next.  well, he’s being replaced as Sorcerer Supreme, and the battle to decide just who will replace him is taking place in New Avengers.  I loathe the idea of Dr. Strange being ousted from this position.  I think that the only thing that should do that is his death, which might very well happen by the end of this arc.  But since Dark Reign began, Brian Michael Bendis’ writing on this series has been phenomenal.  That trend continues here.  Dr. Strange meets with Wiccan of Young Avengers fame as a part of his quest to discover just who his successor is.  Meanwhile, the New Avengers deal with Ronin’s proclamation in the last issue and internal affairs, including who will lead the team and who Spider-Man really is.  Considering the current post-Brand New Day climate, I’d say Bendis handled his unmasking pretty well.  And I loved the awkwardness of the subsequent conversation.

So Dormammu is the one powering the Hood, and the Hood is going after Dr. Strange.  Ronin’s leading the New Avengers, and Ms. Marvel is second-in-command.  I’m curious how that works, considering what happened to her in her own comic.  That hasn’t really fit in with her appearances in this series.  At any rate, we’ve got some crazy stuff going on.  A mystical melee with the New Avengers in the middle?   Sign me up!  I’m also really happy that Clint is finally getting his chance to lead the Avengers.  Goodness knows he deserves it.  He’s one of the oldest Avengers ever, and he’s proven himself on multiple occasions.  I also like that we have Billy Tan on normal pencils and Chris Bachalo during the mystical sequences.  I wasn’t a fan of either of their work before, but they’ve both improved significantly in the past few years.  Overall, I’m continuing to like this series.  Bendis is doing some great work here, and for me, this is the first time that he’s justified his work on the Avengers since it started.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 8.9      Dialogue: 9.0      Overall: 8.9

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