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Much Better

April 4, 2009

     So, in my review of the last installment of Fantastic Four, I expressed a bit of concern that this two-parter was poorly written filler.  The second half, however, wholly redeems the storyline.  Maybe Mark Millar just didn’t figure out how to make it all click until the second half.  At any rate, it’s significantly better.  We leave off with Valeria having disappeared off the face of the earth.  And the person who is the most upset is even Sue.  It’s Johnny.  He storms off with barely a word, scouring the area to find his niece.  This is a great character moment, since it gives a great contrast between the normal Johnny and the “real” Johnny, the same person that Mark Waid gave us a glimpse of back in the day.  Ultimately, Valeria is saved, and the creature that took her is dealt with in typical Fantastic Four fashion. 

     The end offers a bit of info on what is to come, taking place after the next plotline.  Somehow, something has happened to Debbie Green, and the Marquis of Death has hit the F4 hard.  I’m actually really looking forward to that story, even though I don’t inherently like the idea.  I’m also curious as to what happens to Doom, but we’ll just have to see.  Millar is really stepping up to the plate with his work now.  This is definitely the best run since the Waid/Wieringo run.  I always read people posting on forums that they don’t understand why anyone likes the Fantastic Four.  That actually really confuses me.  It’s a family story.  The family dynamic is what makes the comic good.  Reed and Sue, Johnny and Ben, Franklin and Valeria are a family, so they act like one.  Dysfunctional, yet loving.  If you don’t get what’s interesting about that, I wonder how good your family life is.  Really.  At any rate, this series is doing superbly.  And Bryan Hitch’s pencils continue to improve.  It’s good stuff!

Plot: 8.7      Art: 9.4      Dialogue: 9.3      Overall: 9.0

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