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A Bizarre Send-Off

March 30, 2009

     Batman: Last Rites is the tale that connects Batman R.I.P. to Final Crisis, when Bruce Wayne’s days as Batman come to an end.  While he is captured by Darkseid’s New God minions, he is subjected to psychic manipulation to bury his instincts and strengths while stealing his genetic material and his skills to use in the creation of their genetically-modified army.  And the way they do this is through the use of a creature called… the Lump!  Scary, huh?  So this two-part story goes through the Lump’s attempt to rewrite Bruce’s memories and his attempts to stop it from succeeding.  It’s primarily an examination of Bruce’s resolve and strength, which was already explored in Batman R.I.P.

     The result?  It’s highly repetitive.  We get that Bruce Wayne is amazingly strong.  We get that he’s faced traumatic events on countless occasions.  As if we need clones to claw their eyes out to prove that.  It’s like the reader is being beaten over the head with the concept.  And the whole idea of the Lump is silly.  Really, a giant mass of nothing with a brain with psychic powers is kind of weird.  It’s kind of sad that this is one of Bruce Wayne’s last stories.  I find his final appearances in Final Crisis to be way more satisfying than this.  In fact, I don’t really think you need to read these to understand what happens to him.  But you might as well.  The story’s a decent read, if odd.  And Lee Garbett’s art is pretty good.

Plot: 8.2      Art: 8.9      Dialogue: 8.3      Overall: 8.3

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