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The Bloody Finale

March 25, 2009

     So, everything now comes to a head in the newest issue of Secret Six.  A few people die, some fingers get chopped off, lots of blood is spilled, and Bane goes bonkers.  A lot of people are disappointed with this issue since it was mostly a huge brawl between the various people after the card and the Secret Six.  But I find that’s exactly what was called for, based on the plot thus far.  And Junior is just as sadistic and evil as you’d expect her to be.  All in all, this is a great resolution to a totally insane arc.  Plus, we have a cameo by Huntress, as indicated by the cover, Lady Blackhawk, and Grace.  Not really sure what Grace is doing there, since she isn’t one of the Birds of Prey, but maybe she will be.  She’d make a good addition.  If there’s a series, of course.

     My first reaction to seeing what happened when Bane took the Venom was that this went counter to the epic Knightfall story arc that introduced him.  And yet, it makes a lot of sense.  Venom is a drug, and his ordeal with Batman was extremely harrowing.  So I’m not as upset as I was originally.  I’m also quite pleased with what happened with the card in the end.  And Jeannette really is very scary.  She twisted poor Captain Stingaree’s head right around.  And Bane broke the Cavalier’s back.  So much for gay villains.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  In particular, I can’t wait to see what happens to Deadshot.  After his betrayal, I’m surprised that he hasn’t already been gutted.  Gail Simone and Nicola Scott keep making me love this series more and more.

Plot: 9.2      Art: 9.4      Dialogue: 9.7      Overall: 9.4

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