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March 19, 2009

     The way things are right now, the very idea of Nightcrawler quitting the X-Men is ridiculous.  It’s an attempt to create drama where there is none.  But that’s the premise of X-Men: Quitting Time.  The result?  A terrible comic.  I mean that quite seriously.  The plot is ridiculous, and that includes the idea of a Nightcrawler museum in the very town that drove him out.  There’s no way the locals would allow that, no matter what little miss fangirl said.  Now, the demon introduced is visually quite interesting, and he has an intriguing origin.  That’s why I’m sad that he’s dead.  And Mephisto makes a random appearance.

     Not even die-hard Nightcrawler fans should read this.  It would spoil their image of him.  The only cool thing he did in this issue was to pick up a sword again.  That’s it.  James Asmus should go back to doing comedy sketches or whatever it is he does.  Now, Jorge Molina is a very good artist.  The way he drew Nightcrawler and the demon was extremely cool.  He has a bit more trouble with normal human faces, but that could be fixed with some work.  so there’s one good piece of talent here.  That’s the one consolation for what is otherwise a piece of trash. 

Plot: 3.8     Art: 8.6     Dialogue: 3.6      Overall: 3.7

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