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Awesome, Yet Misleading

March 17, 2009

So, everyone was expecting a big Avengers clash in the newest issue of New Avengers.  But that’s not really what happened.  In fact, the only New Avenger who met the Dark Avengers was Spider-Woman, and she got tricked pretty dang well.  At any rate, there was a huge fight between the New Avengers and the Hood’s gang.  And we had guest artists galore, including Steve McNiven, Leinil Francis Yu, David Aja, and Alex Maleev.  It was pretty awesome.  We had that great scene at the beginning with the New Avengers finding out about Wolverine’s son.  I laughed aloud for that one.  And we had Ronin tell it like it is on national news.  It’s nice, since the only classic Avengers on the team are him, Ms. Marvel, and Mockingbird, and he’s the oldest by far.  I like seeing him take somewhat of a leadership role, even though that’s shared with Captain America.

So, this series is still good.  Wow.  Three whole issues of New Avenger-y goodness.  I am sincerely shocked.  Admittedly, that was one arc, so maybe it was just one good story idea.  But I don’t think that’s what it is.  I think that Brian Michael Bendis has gotten into a groove with this Dark Reign plotline, and I think that he’s got some great stuff going forward.  Sure, I don’t like the idea of Dr. Strange being replaced as Sorcerer Supreme.  The only way that should happen is if he dies.  Which would be shocking.  But I’m actually pretty sure, at this point, that Bendis knows what he’s doing, and that it’s not going to be bad.  And Billy Tan’s art is getting better every issue.  Less butt shots would be nice, but that’s partially the fault of the costumes.  Those need changing.  But this series is MUCH better than it ever was.  It’s actually really good.

Plot: 9.0      Art: 9.1      Dialogue: 9.4      Overall: 9.1

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