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Wholly Unremarkable

March 1, 2009

     X-Men: Kingbreaker continues to prove my belief that Vulcan should never have been introduced.  He’s just not that interesting as a character.  The Starjammers continue to try and meet up with each other, with Havok, Ch’od, Raza, and Polaris escaping while Korvus, Lilandra, and Marvel Girl try to save them.  Meanwhile, Vulcan broods and desperately tries to prove that he’s bad-ass before confronting the Starjammers in what is supposed to be an epic showdown.

     You know, if War of Kings didn’t feature the Inhumans, I’d think it was going to suck.  The whole Vulcan plot has been snoozy since day one, and the Starjammers, despite sporting multiple classic X-Men, aren’t that dynamic.  Sure, Vulcan’s new cronies look pretty cool.  But there has never really been a good reason for Vulcan to be emperor of the Shi’ar.  It just sounds potentially cool, but there’s little basis for it story-wise.  Why is he married to Deathbird?  I don’t know.  It never really made any sense.  It was like Brubaker just thought, “My new character’s so bad-ass, let’s just shove him into the framework and make everything stretch to accomodate him.”  Chris Yost is doing his best, but it’s an uphill battle.  And Dustin Weaver’s art is just average.  All-in-all, this would be a waste of money if it wasn’t leading into War of Kings.  Which, unfortunately, it is.

Plot: 7.2      Art: 7.0      Dialogue: 7.8      Overall: 7.5

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