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My Continued Surprise

February 26, 2009

I am beyond shocked.  I continue to enjoy Dark Avengers.  In fact, this issue is better than the last one.  I never thought I’d actually like Brian Michael Bendis consistently, but lo and behold.  In this issue, we get some amazing character-driven stuff, particularly for Morgan le Fay, Moonstone, and Sentry.  That’s right.  I refuse to call Moonstone Ms. Marvel because she’s not Ms. Marvel.  Anyway, Morgan le Fay is portrayed as an appropriately dangerous villain, and I love the little touch with her recognition of Ares.  If  she were from our current time, she’d be Dr. Strange’s replacement as Sorcerer Supreme, hands down.  I’m also curious to learn more about Miss Victoria Hand.  She’s only appeared just recently, but her comments on Maria Hill and her personality indicated that there’s a lot to go into.

Plus, we’ve got Mike Deodato Jr.’s stellar art.  He’s still doing a great job, and this issue is better than the last one.  Unlike a lot of artists, he’s extremely consistent with faces.  Especially Norman Osborn with his Tommy Lee Jones face.  And thank goodness his hair is likewise consistent.  I was worried that this series would pale in comparison to its predecessor, Warren Ellis’ Thunderbolts.  No, it isn’t as good.  But it’s pretty dang close.  And the best part is that Bendis isn’t trying to exactly duplicate it.  He’s brought in five new characters, one he invented himself, to add to half of the winning Thunderbolts mix.  I love his use of Ares, and I find each of the characters a good pick for the team.  Now, I don’t like Noh-Varr or Daken, but that has nothing to do with Bendis.  And Sentry is actually becoming less obnoxious every page.  This series is setting a high standard for the whole Dark Reign event, no doubt.

Plot: 9.0      Art: 9.4      Dialogue: 9.2      Overall: 9.2

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