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The Most Interesting Villains Have Ever Been

February 23, 2009

     As a fan of Secret Six, I love it when supervillains get their own titles.  That’s exactly what they got in Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato Jr.’s run on Thunderbolts.  The current Venom, Bullseye, Songbird, Swordsman, Moonstone, Penance, Radioactive Man, and Norman freaking Osborn wreaked havoc for over one fun-and-mayhem-filled year.  To be clear, I had no prior interest in six of these characters.  I liked Songbird in Avengers Forever, and as a Spider-Man fan, I loved to hate Norman Osborn, though I thought Dr. Octopus was cooler.  By the end of this, I loved these characters.  Rather, I loved to hate most of them and feel pity for Penance, Radioactive Man, and Songbird.


     For one, Ellis’ dialogue for each and every character was superbly nuanced, catching their every facet.  Plus, the comic also focused on all of the political dialogue surrounding both the Initiative as a whole and the Thunderbolts in particular.  It focused on the personalitiesof as minor characters as Jack Flag and Sepulchre to those of Doc Samson.  And the Green Goblin has never been nuttier or more awesome.  In addition, Deodato’s pencils were absolutely superb.  I hated him as an artist before this run.  Now, he’s a personal favorite.  We’ve also got the superb covers by Marko Djurdjevic.  This run on Thunderbolts is one of my ten favorite runs on comic books.  It highlights the post-Civil War world perfectly while telling excellent stories and being so deliciously evil that you feel bad for loving it so much.  Just like Secret Six.

Plot: 9.6      Art: 9.6      Dialogue: 9.6      Overall: 9.6

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