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What’s Going On Again?

February 21, 2009

The reason for the smaller picture is that nobody seems to care about this miniseries and putting up pictures of it.  Anyway, Reign in Hell has been one big muddled snoozefest for seven out of eight issues.  Dozens of mystically inclined characters have been running around worrying about the potential new Hellish order, which has now come to pass.  Blaze and Satanus now rule Hell.  So why should we care?  I’m not sure.  Neron was only ever a marginally interesting character for me, and since I’ve never read the old Captain Marvel comics, I don’t really care about them either.

Now, I do like Zatanna, and she picked the short straw here.  She lost her dad’s soul forever, and now, she seems to have permanently damaged her ability to use her power.  That sucks.  But that’s one of the only real developments in this series.  Lobo is here for no apparent reason, Black Alice is running around doing… whatever, Ibis the Invicible, Sargon the Sorcerer, and Dr. Fate are constantly being picked on for being magical newbies, and Dr. Occult is carrying around a legless pain-in-the-ass.  So what was the point of this story?  If something doesn’t immediately happen that picks up on these threads, nothing.  Keith Giffen is normally a much more inspired writer than this.  But this time, he’s fallen flat.  And Tom Derenick and Chad Hadlin just aren’t that interesting of artists.  This story is just boring.

Plot: 7.0      Art: 7.8      Dialogue: 7.2      Overall: 7.2

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