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Measuring Up

February 17, 2009

     So, the relaunch of Wonder Woman has been extremely bumpy.  The delays of Allan Heinberg and Terry and Rachel Dodson’s opening arc, the horror that was Amazons Attack!, Gail Simone’s great first arc and then mediocre continuation.  Here we are.  And with Rise of the Olympian, Gail Simone has finally replicated that initial quality.  We get to find out the mastermind behind the creation of Genocide and the recent upheaval in the Secret Society of Supervillains.  Nemesis and Wonder Woman get a touching moment.  And Wonder Woman, her allies, and the JLA face off against Genocide for all the chips, including the Lasso of Truth.

     For the first time, some of the disparate elements of this arc are coming together.  And the characterization is great.  For once, Genocide feels like that sort of crushing despair, and Simone doesn’t have to TELL us that.  Aaron Lopresti’s art continues to improve as well.  The only problem is that this plot and the actual rise of an Olympian, the rise of Zeus’ answer to the Amazons, seem unrelated.  In fact, I would say that the two plots should be separate arcs.  More of cause and effect.  That is the main problem remaining with this book.  Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a big one, since the story is called Rise of the Olympian, and we haven’t even met him yet.  But Simone and Lopresti are on the right track.  If they can keep this up, Wonder Woman will earn her place in the Trinity.

Plot: 9.0     Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 9.3      Overall: 9.1

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