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A Wealth of Material

February 17, 2009

     With his epic storyline Thy Kingdom Come/One World, Under Gog, Geoff Johns has revisited one of the greatest Elseworlds in the history of comic books.  To develop some of the characters he is using even further, Johns, Alex Ross, Peter Tomasi, and Fernando Pasarin created three-one shots.  The first, focusing on the Kingdom Come Superman, explained more of his Lois Lane’s last moments and his personal motivations.  This was my personal favorite of the three, shockingly.  I hate Superman.  But not this one.  This one is flawed while still possessing that great heroism that makes him who he is.  Alex Ross’ art was particularly great too.

     The one focusing on Magog was my least favorite.  And by that, I meant that it was only a bit less awesome.  Lance Reid is given some background, which includes a guest appearance by Captain Atom.  Plus, we get to see him with his band of pro-Gog supporters, who include Damage, Amazing Man, and Citizen Steel.  Since Magog hasn’t had much face time in either of his personas, he’s not as interesting as Kingdom Come Superman.  But it’s a nice contrast between the two characters, and it gives us a sense of what would theoretically lead to his actions in the Kingdom Come future.

     The last one focuses on all of the characters affected by Gog’s blessings, including Sandman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Citizen Steel, and in particular, Damage.  Damage has gone from being a gruff, pitiable sort of person to being arrogant, narcissistic, and forward.  And that’s the point.  We’re supposed to see just why Gog’s presents aren’t so great, and just why some people aren’t mature enough.  And by some people, I do mean Damage.  The fight between him and Atom Smasher is extremely emotional, especially for fans of Atom Smasher.  Then, there’s the revelation at the end of the issue.  Gog isn’t so altruistic.  Of course, this is only part of the puzzle.  But this one-shots do the great job of explaining motivations and filling in gaps.  For JSA readers, these one-shots are crucial to understanding Geoff Johns’ and Alex Ross’ grand plans for the book.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 9.4      Overall: 9.0

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