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What We've Come to Expect

February 11, 2009

     Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America is nothing short of one of the seminal runs on the character and one of the best runs on comic books today.  No joke.  For once, someone dared to kill off the main character.  And it has payed off.  Brubaker gave Cap a great send-off, and Bucky has already grown into his new role.  This current arc continues the overarching storyline post-Death of Captain America, the storyline with Dr. Zhang Chin, codename Professor Pandemic, and his assistant, the Man with No Face.  The end of the previous arc saw a showdown between Cap and Black Widow and the Man with No Face and Batroc the Leaper.  After his victory, Cap has now gone with Namor to Taipei, where Professor Pandemic has supposedly retired, to try and recover the remains of the original Human Torch, who figures into the professor’s current plans.



   The main thing about this arc is that it is fleshing out Bucky’s time as the Winter Soldier.  He tried to assassinate Pandemic back in the day, and he failed.  He also rescued him during World War II alongside the original Cap and the other Invaders.  This is great work here, because, like Geoff Johns’ work on Green Lantern, it explains and reinterprets rather than completely retcons.  This book is possibly the best one being published by Marvel right now.  Luke Ross also does an excellent job on pencils, but as you can see in the newest issue, he can’t quite match the superb work of Steve Epting.  The current plot may not be world-changing, but it’s important for Bucky’s history.  Most importantly, it’s fun and well-written.

Plot: 9.5      Art: 9.3      Dialogue: 9.5      Overall: 9.4

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