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A Miracle

February 8, 2009

     I do not like Brian Michael Bendis.  He broke up the original Avengers, made the Scarlet Witch a raving lunatic, killed the Wasp, and brought people onto the team that never belonged there.  That makes the fact that the current New Avengers arc is actually good all the more shocking.  The new Captain America, Bucky Barnes, has assembled a new team of Avengers, including Ms. Marvel (a personal favorite), Spider-Man, Ronin, Mockingbird, Wolverine, Spider-Woman (the real one), Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.  I am very vocal about my support of Cage as an Avenger, and this arc, so far, is all about him and some of fallout from Secret Invasion: Skrull Jarvis stoll his baby.  And Luke Cage is so worried that he’s willing to make a deal with the devil.  That alone would piss me off.  But it’s what happens next that makes me happy.

     So, in this issue, Cage gets back his baby.  And Bullseye snipes Skrull Jarvis.  So much for him making a return.  So, Cage should join the Dark Avengers (Norman Osborn’s Avengers) and follow the law.  What does he do?  He takes the Wrecker’s crowbar, stolen from the altercation with the Hood, beats the crap out of Bullseye and Venom, has Ms. Marvel and Jessica grab the baby, and smashes his way out of the building.  FREAKING AWESOME!  Then, Ronin’s reaction to the Dark Avengers is great.  Clint Barton is the real legacy of the original Avengers on this team, and as someone who worked with the greats, he’s extremely pissed about Osborn.  So we’re all set up for the confrontation between the two Avengers teams next issue.

     That’s right.  I’m loving New Avengers right now.  WHAT?!  I think Bendis has finally found the balance between the old and the legacies, embodied by Ronin, Mockingbird, Cap, and Ms. Marvel, and his additions, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, and the rest.  I’m actually excited about the future of this series.  I am skeptical about replacing Dr. Strange as the Sorceror Supreme.  It’s a logical extension of what Bendis has done with the character thus far, but I feel like Strange should only be replaced when he’s dead.  Seriously.  Billy Tan has also evolved so much as an artist since his debut in Uncanny X-Men.  Sure, he still has some work to do on his faces.  But I used to think he was a crap artist.  Now, I see him as emerging talent.  For once, I trust Bendis.  This is another one of those times where I endorse him.  Maybe he and I are finally seeing eye to eye.  You know, because I know him personally, and he’s totally writing these arcs to please me and only me (I kid, of course).

Plot: 9.2      Art: 8.7      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 8.8

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