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Er… Huh?

February 7, 2009

     I picked up Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes to see if it would elaborate some on the current Astonishing X-Men arc written by Warren Ellis.  Boy was I wrong.  Instead, it just confuses things.  The idea of the Ghost Box is that it opens up portals to alternate dimensions.  So, in a series of extremely well-drawn stories, done by Adi Granov, Clayton Crain, Kaare Andrews, and Alan Davis, we get to see some alternate universes that seem to have been conquered by this group of mutants, including the fire guy from the main arc.  He mentions that Earth-616 has been annexed, which makes no sense, since we know it hasn’t been annexed.  If that means that there’s some reveal to show that it HAS been conquered covertly, that’s going to be rather hard to swallow.

     So do these stories have any bearing on the main arc?  Maybe.  Not really sure.  There’s something about Sentinels and Deathlok and battles and whatnot, but little of it seems to make any sense aside from being connected by this plot to take over the multiverse.  At least, that’s what I think it is.  So, because we still don’t quite know what’s going on in the main arc, this miniseries is just muddled.  The stories are cute, but they don’t warrant an extra two issues.  And by the way.  Is that Emma Frost or Storm on the cover?  I think it’s Emma, but the shading makes it unclear.  Curse you, Simone Bianchi!

Plot: 6.5      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 8.0      Overall: 7.5

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