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Somebody Needs to Retire

February 3, 2009

     You want to read a comic that’s basically a terrible parody of manga?  Read Big Hero 6.  It is proof that Chris Claremont is no longer the great scribe that he used to be.  The whole plot is silly and pointless, so by the end of the series, you aren’t even sure what the point was.  Both of the new characters, Wasabi-no-Ginger and Fred are actually kind of interesting, but neither get enough treatment to really understand.  As for GoGo Tamago and Honey Lemon, they’re almost just two Japanese stereotypes of women: tough and sassy, and flirty and loose.  And they certainly get enough skin exposure to be considered Japanese.

     As for Takachiho Hiro, he’s the main character, so he is the only one who actually gets plenty of character development.  It’s through his eyes that we see the team, which is the one saving grace of the series.  He gets a girlfriend, and he gets to strut his stuff while seeming a reliable narrator.  Baymax gets about as much time as you would expect a robot buddy character to get.  Then there’s the fact that David Nakayama draws stuff in a bizarre blending of American and Japanese comic styles that doesn’t look much like either.  So what is the purpose of this miniseries?  To showcase a team that is sorely lacking the two characters that propelled it, Silver Samurai and Sunfire?  To showcase the underdeveloped and poorly understood Japanese realm of the Marvel Universe?  Or to show that Chris Claremont can’t write?  Every page is full of his bad dialogue, especially when it comes to battle dialogue.  As far as I’m concerned, he needs to leave comic book writing to people who still know how to tell a cool story.  And no one should touch Big Hero 6 until they can find a competent writer who can treat these characters as they deserve.

Plot: 6.5      Art: 7.2      Dialogue: 3.3      Overall: 5.8

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