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Borderline Pointless Violence

January 29, 2009

     To say the least, Sean McKeever’srun on Teen Titans has been slow and without a clear direction.  With Terror Titans, the spin-off miniseries highlighting the titular villainous team and Ravager, it’s just plain violent.  The Terror Titans managed to take out Miss Martian and Red (then Kid) Devil before Ravager blew up Titans Tower, and Robin, Wonder Girl, and Blue Beetle came to their hideout to fail at beating them up.  And now, the characters who nobody cares about get more face time.  Seriously, Disrupteris a nasty gal.  No doubt about that.  Bolt (that’s right, he’s the new Bolt) and Persuader are supposed to be somewhat relatable (which, according to this site’s dictionary, is not a word).  But they’re also jerks, so that doesn’t really work.  Nobody even knows who Constrictor is, and that’s supposed to be an appealing mystery.

     The two most interesting characters are the main characters of the series, Clock King and Ravager.  Clock King is deliciously evil in a way few characters are nowadays.  And Ravager is the female version of Wolverine.  All kick-ass, butt-whoopin’ action plus attitude.  One of my personal favorite characters in DC Comics at the moment.  Why did she leave the Teen Titans?  To hang out with another precog, who is acting even worse than her father?  The one whose drugs made her gouge her eyes out?  Er…  Honestly, Ravager’s presence in this story is tenuous at best.

     So, people keep getting killed in gruesome ways for no apparent reason than to provide gratuitous violence.  Why?  Why do we have to see people’s heads cut in two, and why does somebody need to get killed every issue?  Now, I am very excited to see Static show up in DC.  As a fan of Static Shock, I’m thrilled to see the Milestone Comics characters get integrated.  But all he does in this issue is beat up Ravager, get beaten up by Dark Side Club thugs, and then he’s gone.  So what’s the purpose of all this?  Clock King’s master plan?  Let’s be honest.  This should be an ongoing arc in Teen Titans, not its own story.  That’s the main problem.  It would be great as a part of a larger narrative in the series, but on its own, it wants to rely on blood to get your bucks.  Not the best strategy.  At least Joe Bennett’s art is nice.

Plot: 7.3      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 7.9     Overall: 7.5

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