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An Epic Attempt

December 31, 2008

     Now, like most people, I was so excited when Gail Simone was announced to be the new writer on Wonder Woman.  As the most prominent female comic book writer, Simone was destined to write Wonder Woman sooner or later.  And with all the delays and quality problems during the first year, everyone knew that things could only get better.  And when Rise of the Olympian was announced, it seemed like Wonder Woman would finally get back to the quality of the George Pėrez and Greg Rucka runs.

     Yet somehow, Gail Simone has yet to deliver that special something that Wonder Woman lacks.  Her first arc was quite interesting, and the Dodsons’ art made everything shine in the way Wonder Woman should.  Yet subsequent arcs have lacked a certain sparkle of plot.  Gail Simone’s arcs have explored Diana’s psyche in a way that few writers have, and she has the voices of Etta Candy and Nemesis down perfectly.  But they never seem to utilize Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery well, or truly explore her role in the DC Universe.  I’m not even sure if that alone would give the title what it needs.  All I and many other readers know is that it is missing something that we can’t quite describe but that is keeping Wonder Woman from being on the same tier as Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern.  The one thing I do know is that the whole Sarge Steel paranoia thing has gone on too long.  It’s pretty stale now.

     Aaron Lopresti’s art is nice to look at, but it isn’t quite the art Wonder Woman needs.  Wonder Woman has had some top-quality, industry-leading artists in its day, including George Pėrez, Phil Jimenez, and the Dodsons.  But Lopresti just doesn’t quite match that standard.  It’s not that he’s bad.  However, Wonder Woman has been blessed with such amazing artists that someone like Lopresti looks worse by comparison.  It is quite sad that Simone and Lopresti have not already made their mark on Wonder Woman history.  Genocide sounds interesting, but the result is less cool than the idea.  And it seems to being going all over the place with0ut a clear direction.  I hope that this arc will turn around soon, for the future of this title.

Plot: 8.2      Art: 8.9      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 8.6

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