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A Rising Star

December 6, 2008

     Very few people will list Ms. Marvel as a series that they follow avidly.  I have been reading the series since it first started almost three years ago, and it has delivered almost constant quality.  Admittedly, it is not a high-profile series, and it doesn’t have the most famous writing/art team in creation.  Actually, the artist changes about once a year, from Robert de la Torre to Aaron Lopresti to Adrianna Melo.  But it has showcased an interesting character with a delightful supporting cast in a continuing character arc that has taken her into orbit, to South America, Monster Isle, the Middle East, and everywhere inbetween.

     Ms. Marvel, at this point, could be considered the premiere superheroine of Marvel Comics, though she does not hold a candle to her counterpart, Wonder Woman, of DC Comics.  Yet this new arc, Secret Agent Danvers, continues to show Brian Reed’s strong grasp of the character.  Here, in the new, post-Secret Invasion world, Danvers has to find a mysterious weapon called Ascension, given to a terrorist who had kidnapped her in the past after she crashed during a test flight run.  Admittedly, the last issue was a tiny bit confusing, but the story plods every forward.  Sure, there aren’t world changing arcs and mind blowing revelations every issue, but Reed definitely has a good story to tell.  Maybe a higher profile artist might make this book more than it is.  But for now, it tells fun stories, aside from the latter part of the Secret Invasion tie-ins, that help to flesh out one of Marvel’s rising stars.  Now, if only they could get Paolo Siquiera, who penciled #32, to be the regular artist…

Plot: 8.8      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 8.6      Overall: 8.6

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