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Avengers Assemble?

December 4, 2008

     Since they are so closely tied together, I figured I’d just take a look at New Avengers and Mighty Avengers together.  Now, I have never been a fan of Brian Michael Bendis’s work.  Not since Avengers Disassembled, which destroyed one of my favorite characters, the Scarlet Witch.  New Avengers is a book that has been in transition its entire existence.  Its first couple of arcs were bringing the team together.  The Collective was dealing with the fallout from House of M.  Then came Civil War.  Then Secret Invasion.  Basically, there has been no time to breathe.  Mighty Avengers, on the other hand, established itself with two opening arcs with a basically established team and Secret Invasion as something looming over the horizon.

     So, the Secret Invasion tie-ins in both series were both interesting for a while.  The establishment of the Secret Warriors was quite interesting, and if Jimmy Cheung was pencilling New Avengers, it was guaranteed to be interesting.  Well, that isn’t the case anymore.  Both series now involve either the exposition of plot points that should have been explained a long time ago (the Hood syndicate + the Skrulls in House of M) or the elongating of scenes that added almost nothing to the story (Captain Marvel).  To be honest, these stories are now pretty pointless.  They do nothing to add to the story, and they don’t stand much on their own either.  They’re not bad as a part of Secret Invasion, but without it, they’re not so good.

     Mighty Avengers looks to be interesting post-Secret Invasion, since the team is actually a team of Avengers, as opposed to the best hits of Marvel characters or people who should never have been Avengers in the first place.  That does NOT include Luke Cage, who is the best addition to the Avengers since Firestar and Justice.  In addition, it’s being written by Dan Slott, who single-handledly created Avengers: The Initiative, the best Avengers comic for the last couple of years.  As for New Avengers, we know basically nothing about what is going to happen.  That should change tomorrow.  However, I am just glad that Secret Invasion is over and that these titles can move on.  At least the covers are pretty.

New Avengers

Plot: 7.7      Art: 8.6      Dialogue: 8.2      Overall: 8.2

Mighty Avengers

Plot: 7.5      Art: 8.2      Dialogue: 8.2      Overall: 8.0

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